About Us

Our Products


Our ingredients have no preservatives, fillers or dyes. All treats are all natural, USDA certified meat and poultry. We also offer grain free grass fed lamb tripe. 

Our Story


 We are a  family owned business with a deep love for dogs. Like most people we see our 5 dogs as family, NOT pets.  They sleep next to us, lay on the sofa, they go for hikes, and get gifts during the holidays. Spoiled? YES, but shouldn't every dog live that way?  We strive to  provide them with the  absolute best life. One of the ways we do that is by making nutrient-rich treats with an amazing taste that makes them drool!!  We want to share our passion and commitment for every dog at every stage of  life. And that is why we started Maddy's dog treats.  

Our Mission


There are 4 stages of a dogs life and each stage requires different nutritional needs. Our goal is simple: make healthy dog treats to fit each stage. From puppies to seniors we can help you find the right dog treat that will help keep your dog healthy and happy.