Meet our tasting team



Franky age 12 is the eldest member of our team. Frank hasn't met a treat he didn't like. He likes to dress nice for dinner as you can see from his picture. 



Maddy age 10 is our tasting team leader.

She fancy's our Chicken Jerky. She loves chasing squirrels, long walks at the park, and being told she is pretty and of course bossing the other members around.



Mary age 10 not having many teeth left finds the grass fed beef tripe to be perfect . But don't let that fool you, she can grub with the best of them. When she's not eating treats she's out back terrorizing lizards. 



Pickles age 7,  We found her 3 years ago  running the streets of San Bernardino , One look at her sweet face & we knew we had to take her in and shower her with love. Pickles spends her time patrolling the perimeter and  burying her treats. Her favorite dog treat is smoked pigs tails and dehydrated smelts.


Maise, aka Ninja

Maise age 9 months is our youngest taste tester. When she isn't in stealth mode stealing shoes or chewing on furniture she's in the kitchen eagerly waiting for the next batch of dog treats. grass fed lamb tripe is her number 1 choice! 



Frenchie age 21, passed away February 17th 2017. She was our inspiration for making home made treats for seniors. She may no longer be with us but is still part of our team and always in our hearts.